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{{$t('Artificial Intelligence Poker Training Tool')}}
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{{$t('Our Services')}}
{{$t('PokerAI is made for all players. We\'ve spent years developing artificial intelligence which learns from past experience, so you don\'t have to')}}
{{$t('Play against PokerAI and receive real time feedback on your errors with the Live Advice feature')}}.
{{$t('Instantly analyze the real games you play online by importing your hands and letting the AI guide you')}}.
{{$t('Accelerate the learning process by using the hand ranges advanced features and all the evaluation capabilities of the AI')}}.
{{$t('Fix your leaks, become less exploitable and increase your chances of success at No Limit Poker')}}.
{{$t('Changing the Lives of Poker Players')}}
{{$t('Join the 12000 poker players who are using PokerAI')}} {{$t('to increase their win rate through active learning')}}!
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{{$t('Improve your cash game skills together with high stakes cash game crusher Steffen Sontheimer. Dive into the mind of one of the world\'s brightest Cash Game players and join weekly live coaching sessions')}}
{{$t('Receive personal guidance from those that are still crushing the toughest tournaments out there. Join live coaching sessions, use our high-end tools, and gain full access to the Pokercode content library. We\'ll teach you everything we know about crushing poker tournaments')}}.
{{$t('Our Vision')}}
{{$t('Learn how PokerAI disrupts the industry by constantly challenging and questioning the industry\'s status quo. Empowering any like-minded poker enthusiast through the synergies and leverage of our common PokerAI experience.')}}
{{$t('No additional software or solver required')}}.
{{$t('Mobile ready - sharpen your game anywhere')}}.
{{$t('Build your streaks and unlock more spots')}}
{{$t('Track your accuracy in 165 situations')}}
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"{{$t('PokerAI Training will take your game to the next level and help you become the player you were meant to be. Use PokerAI and you\'ll see improvement in no time at all')}}."
- {{$t('Alex Fitzgerald, Coach and Author')}}
{{$t('Frequently Asked Questions')}}
{{$t('Why Does PokerAI Exist?')}}
{{$t('PokerAI’s vision is to accompany like-minded poker players from all over the world on their personal poker journey. We constantly challenge and question the way the poker industry thinks, learns and plays poker, persistently trying to improve the current poker world\'s status quo.')}}
{{$t('What is the PokerAI software capable of?')}}
{{$t('PokerAI is a poker training and coaching tool based on the world class gameplay of PokerAI. It gives you all the tools you need to take an in-depth look at your No Limit Hold\'em poker game, home in on specific errors, correct them, train against PokerAI itself and ultimately drastically improve your level of play.')}}
{{$t('Does PokerAI adapt to players\' tendencies?')}}
{{$t('No, it does not. PokerAI plays independently of the characteristics of a specific opponent. So it does not take into account HUD stats or the skill level of opponents. Instead, it basically plays a game assuming that all the opponents are very strong and play a similar strategy to PokerAI, which is usually the case at medium-high stakes.')}}
{{$t('I think PokerAI plays way too tight preflop. Why is that?')}}
{{$t('Regarding the ranges preflop: It is clear that against weak human opposition the opening ranges can be much wider. On the other hand, against very strong opponents the ranges of PokerAI are optimal')}}. {{$t('It\'s also important to note that rake is incorporated in the model. Therefore, at lower stakes (where the rake is proportionally bigger) PokerAI plays tighter than at higher stakes.')}}
{{$t('The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Become a part of Team PokerAI and receive additional guidance from our elite team and get access to the exclusive PokerAI Community with like-minded members.')}}
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